Mission and Vision


The church we envisage is an authentic Christ-centred, community that God loves to bless and where its members actively to seek to bless each other as well as individuals within our sphere of influence. 

The vision we have for Crosspoint Church is an exciting one! We are working towards a church where adults and children from different backgrounds, status and ethnicities do life together.  We envision a church that has a strong sense of family and where everyone is valued and has a part to play in God's great story.

We seek to be an authentic Christian community where everyone belongs,  irrespective of whether you are seeking answers to  some of life's challenging questions, are new to the Christian faith  or a mature beliver.

Crosspoint's leaders are passionate about God and His mission in the world. We know that through His empowering Spirit we partner with Him to fulfil His mission in the world to change lives, change our communities and change the perception of Church. Our meetings are marked by exuberant  worship and inspiring preaching and teaching.

Our vision is summed up in the  four 'i's that underpin the values of our church.

Crosspoint church seeks to:
  • Be IRRESISTIBLE to God through exuberant praise and worship so that we are a church that He loves to bless.
  • INSPIRE our members and visitors to know Jesus through bible-based preaching and teaching and investing wholeheartedly in their growth and spiritual development
  • INFLUENCE our individual life situations through obedience to God and relevantly applying His word
  • IMPACT our local community through selfless service and demonstration of God's love.

Come and join us! 


Planning your Visit